The Helix – Almond Blossoms

From my haiku anthology – ‘Almond Blossoms’ misty sunset silver sun droops on golden wheat fields **          **          **          **          **          **          **          **  The Helix In the second part of ‘Almond Blossoms’, my haiku anthology, I expressed my thoughts about the fact that the helix could be the secret pattern underlying the whole universe […]

Video killed the radio star

click on link to watch video  My Movie 3  Parliament debates are limited to radio broadcast in 2012! Incredible but true. I have been campaigning for the dignity of parliament and live video streaming of Parliament debates. I only managed to introduce it in committe hearings. Yes that is another reform I pushed forward.   […]

What happens in normal Parliaments : the House of Commons  53 Conservative members of Parliament vote against their Government in the House of Commons. They voted with the Labour Opposition.  Will they be banned from contesting the next election? Where is Andrew Azzopardi, Kenneth Zammit Tabona and Ranier Fsadni with their medieval political views and oppression and the same song of party loyalty? […]