Eddie and Guido

Now that the John Dalli episode is a closed issue from the political point of view, in the short term focus is shifting on the Tonio Borg grilling and PN deputy leadership contest. Still I think our  Parliament should discuss the issue. As I have said some months ago one of the main problems facing the current […]

Austin Gatt’s unpopularity dragging GonziPN lower – what the Sunday Times failed to ask

Il-Hadd it-Tajjeb It is Austin Gatt’s unpopularity which has been dragging the PN lower at the polls. http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/en/newsdetails/news/data/Rate-the-Minister-survey-Absolute-majority-judge-Mario-de-Marco-positively-20121028 Now that the PN has taken a strong stand vis-a-vis dissenting backbenchers, nothing has changed in the surveys. If anything things got worse, even though the PN electoral machine is at ful speed. According to Maltatoday survey, […]


http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20121007/opinion/Deadly-rebel-in-kimono.439920 The first copy of my book, a haiku anthology,  has been sent  via Parliament, to Herman van Rompuy, President of the European Council, who was on official visit in Malta some weeks ago,  writes haiku and  has recently published his first haiku collection. This has earned him the nickname of Haiku Herman.  The book […]

Is this the time for a new party in Parliament to bring us in line with ALL other European countries?

Malta is the only European country having just two political parties in Parliament, mainly due to biased and flawed electoral laws not providing for a national treshold and a political mentality which must still be emancipated. In the 2008 elections some 20,000 eligible voters chose to stay away from the polling stations. Some 20,000 eligible […]