Of statesmen and politicians

Quoting Alcide de Gasperi who was founder of the Italian Christian Democratic Party and one of the Founding Fathers of the European Union , Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti recently said that a politician looks at the next elections whilst a statesman looks at the next generations.                             ‘un politico guarda alle prossime elezioni, uno […]

Carm should stop blaming others (1)

The Sunday Times of today carries comments on page 5 by Dr Carm Mifsud Bonnici blaming others for his resignation, without mentioning names.  This is very unjust and surely not in the Catholic spirit. Unfortunately he has only himself to blame. Just look at the opposite page (4), a story continued from the front page […]

Loyalty to constitution and to the party

Since political parties in Malta remain to date the most unregulated bodies at law, one could get the wrong impression they are above the law. Obviously in countries upholding the rule of law no one is above the law. since unfortunately our country has been through much undesirable political polarisation, to some it might appear […]